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Atlantic Coast Hotsy

What’s Your Job?

Our line of cleaning equipment and heaters is used in a wide variety of applications. We carry Alkota pressure washers, Water Maze wash water treatment systems and Clean Energy waste oil heaters. Our product line is complemented by a wide assortment of replacement parts and accessories as well as detergents designed to speed cleaning.

We provide hot water pressure washers to Municipalities and Utilities and build custom trailer packages for Contract Cleaners, Construction companies and Painters to have a mobile wash system on the go. Waste Management and Material Handling use washers to clean forklifts, dumpsters, equipment and facilities. If you’ve made an investment in your business – especially where there’s grease or oil to be cleaned – you can use a hot water pressure washer.

Environmentally minded business owners combine a Water Maze recycle system to capture wash water runoff, treat it and reuse again. Systems include bioremediation, electrocoagulation and evaporation to leave only the dirt and grime for easy disposal.

Automotive repair facilities utilize our waste oil heaters to discard used oil and eliminate heating bills.

No matter what it is you wash, we can provide the solutions. Give us a call and we’ll make a recommendation to fit your budget, your resources and your application.

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