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Water Treatment Systems designed to capture and recycle wash water

Atlantic Coast provides water treatment equipment that captures and treats wash water, resulting in an environmentally friendly way for businesses to wash industrial equipment. We are an authorized Water Maze dealer, featuring the latest innovations in water treatment systems designed to treat wash water for recycling, sanitary sewer discharge, or on site evaporation.

With today’s focus on environmental compliance, there’s no better time to implement a water treatment program. Water Maze systems remove harmful contaminants from dirty water through an automated filtration method, adjusting the PH level while debris and heavier particles are stored for disposal, resulting in relatively clean water.

Here’s a brief look at the Water Maze waste water treatment products and technologies:

Wastewater Evaporation - subjecting wastewater to heat helps evaporate the water, leaving pollutants to be skimmed and disposed of. Our products include the HBG and WB, used in many industrial applications.
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Mechanical Filtration Systems - the standard for automated wash-water recycling, Water Maze filtration systems use filter media to remove tiny particles from the waste stream. Products include the CL, CLP and Delta system used in heavy equipment cleaning, manufacturing and trucking / transportation.
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Oil-Water Separation - oil is skimmed from wastewater in a treat and discharge process or recycle system, such as the Water Maze CL, CLB, CLP, Alpha and EC. Many applications including marinas, manufacturing and transportation use oil-water separators.
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Chemical Treatment - these advanced Water Maze systems introduce chemicals into the moving waste stream to clean the water. The latest technology is the Innovator Series with the EC and CoAg systems, remove suspended solids, emulsified oils and heavy metals from the waste water, making is safe for discharge to sewer.
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Bioremediation - an environmentally friendly process that uses microbes or bacteria to naturally consume contaminants and oils from wastewater. The Water Maze CLB is perfect for golf-turf applications, as well as heavy equipment cleaning, manufacturing and transportation industries.
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We can help design a customized water treatment system for your business. We offer on-site service as well to keep your water filtration system working properly. For equipment, supplies or service, turn to Atlantic Coast, the most knowledgeable water treatment experts in central and southern New Jersey. Contact us today to schedule a free, no obligation cleaning evaluation.

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